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      10:00 am
with Cleora
Registration Required
  8:30 am
Intermediate Yoga
with staff

4:00 pm
Yoga Basics
with Laurie
  6:00 pm
Yoga Basics
with Laurie


5:45 pm
Yoga in the Park
with Laurie
7:00 pm
Intermediate Yoga
with Laurie
  7:30 pm
Belly Dance
with Gia
7:30 pm
Yoga Basics
with Laurie

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"Yoga has fulfilled my being in numerous ways. As an athlete, there is nothing like a 'good stretch.' Especially after a long run or a heavy session in the gym, yoga truly releases the tightness in my muscles like nothing else. As an IBS sufferer, yoga aids in digestion, abdominal control and with flushing out the toxins of consumption. Finally, the meditative properties of yoga offer me spirituality on an individual basis that allow for the opportunity to introspectively step back from the pressures of a day."

Gentle Style Classes - suitable for beginner & experienced students
Yoga Basics

This class will go over the fundamentals of yoga with progression. It is slower pace with details of alignment, breathing and relaxation to give you a solid foundation for a safe yoga practice. It is recommended that you stay in beginner level for 4 to 8 months based on once a week attendance.


Svaroopa yoga is a gentle style of yoga using specific, sequenced postures to open the spine and unravel deeply held tensions. Using precise alignment, each pose is supported by props such as blankets, chairs and blocks. In Sanskrit, Svaroopa means "the bliss of your own being." The intention of Svaroopa is to promote healing and open you to your own personal transformation Classes are designed to create core openings by comfortably holding the postures with meticulously placed props, thus allowing for deep releases in the body and inner bliss. Registration Required by calling 860-581-0569.

Moderate Style Classes - suitable for intermediate to experienced students
All-Level Yoga

Suitable to the experienced yoga student. An eclectic blend of Hatha yoga styles with more challenging postures for strength, core work, and introduction to vinyasa (power). Precision of alignment techniques are emphasized in Laurie’s class. It is recommended that you stay in this level for at least 6 to 12 months before proceeding to power based on a once a week attendance.

Dynamic Yoga
  Unlike traditional hatha yoga where poses are held static, this unique style created by Lisa Eberhardt uses movement within the pose.
Belly Dance

Learn this ancient dance form used for entertainment, exercise, worship, healing and fun. It is a unique and effective workout that brings joy to all ages. Classes are geared toward beginners. Gia is "Dedicated to the power, freedom and joy of all women through dance."

You can also visit Gia's website.

Vigorous Style Classes - suitable for experienced students
Yoga Fusion
  Reduce your time at the gym and try our new six week series that blends yoga with cardio. In this class, you will be doing familiar yoga postures with the addition of cardio intervals to keep the heart rate up. You will experience all the peace and tranquility of a traditional yoga class with the added benefit of a cardio and strength training. Inspired by fitness trainer Jillian Michaels, Lisa will instruct you on proper alignment and technique to reduce injury and low back pain, the number one complaint by those who work out at the gym. This class is suitable for those who are new to yoga but are physically active, and for continuing students who want to spice up their practice.
Vinyasa Flow / Power Yoga
  This is a vigorous, aerobic yoga workout using sun salutations and vinyasa (connected postures) for a maximum strength and flexibility practice. For your safety, it is highly recommended that you have gone through beginner and all level classes with Laurie for the recommended time stated above. If not, please get permission from the instructor.

Yoga prices
Applies to any of our weekly yoga classes with the exception of Svaroopa Yoga and Belly Dancing.

Series of 4 classes, $42.54
These 4 classes must be completed within 30 days.

10 class card, $138.25
20 class card, $233.97
Punch cards expire in one year and kept on file at our studio.

All prices include sales tax.

Are you unemployed or under-employed?

I know first-hand, how stressful it is to struggle financially. You need yoga and massage now more than ever! Contact me to find out about our new Dakshina Program. Guru Dakshina refers to the tradition of repaying one's teacher after a period of study. This tradition is one of acknowledgment, respect and thanks. It is a form of reciprocity and exchange between student and teacher. The repayment is not always monetary but could be a task that the teacher wants the student to accomplish. This program will make it reasonable for you to come to class because you will pay what you can afford that day or we may make other arrangements such a barter. You must first qualify for this program and certain conditions apply. This is a trial program running from December through January. Contact Laurie 860-635-0509


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